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Vi tar emot anmälningar till 7-veckorskurserna på Nivå 1 & 2. 

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Vecka 33 är Shalan stängd. Samtliga klasser på Höstschemat drar igång vecka 34. 


Platser kvar på höstens första Helg-Intro!

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28-30 augusti 2015

Integrating Practices - Weekend Workshop with Michael Stone 

This is the third time we have the privilege to host Michael Stone for a weekend workshop. Michael´s an advanced Ashtanga yoga practitioner/teacher as well as a buddhist teacher, psychotherapist and author. His approach is a synthesis of these traditions and perspectives with a sincere comittment to applying these practices to the demands and issues of contemporary society. Read more about Michael below and don't miss this opportunity to meet with one of modern yoga's most interesting voices!

The workshop starts with a Friday Night talk and will be followed by 2 full days of integrated yoga and other meditative practices as well as talks and discussions. Participants of all levels are welcome. The workshop will be held in English.

28 aug - Friday Night Talk: "Emptiness and Love: How Healing Happens"

Join Yoga & Buddhist teacher Michael Stone for an exploration of the Buddhist teachings on Emptiness.Usually emptiness is thought of as a "void" where nothing exists. Michael will explore how emptiness is actually a tool we can use to let go of old habits, create the conditions for forgiveness, and increase  our ability to be intimate with ourselves and others. Drawing on eastern  philosophy and western psychology this will be a practical, deep and uplifting  evening of learning and discussion. 













Time: 18-20

Location: Ashtanga Yogashala Göteborg, Risåsgatan 14

Price Friday Night Talk only (limited space): 250 SEK - sign up here (Note! Registrations for Full workshop including Friday Night Talk should be made below)

29-30 aug: Yoga and Meditation - Integrating Practices

How we use our attention with physical movement and mental states, changes our brain: neurons that fire together, wire together. Alternating periods of focused yoga sequences with sitting meditation, you will learn how to wake up the body, calm your mind, and balance your nervous system. While much of modern yoga focuses only on alignment of the body, we will go further, by combining physical alignment with deep psychological understanding. Deepen concentration, stabilize emotions, and gain insight into the depths of practice in this focused weekend workshop for students of all levels. 

Time: 8 - 15.30

Location: Pjäshallen Kviberg, Övre Kaserngården 8

Price Full Workshop: 1 750 SEK

General information and traveldirections etc can be found here!

Weekend Workshop (including Friday Night Talk) - sign up here


About Michael Stone

Shôken Michael Stone is a Buddhist teacher, yogi, psychoterapist and author. He is committed to synthesizing traditional meditation teachings with the insights of Western psycology, philosophy, and medicine. In 2003, Michael founded Centre of Gravity in Toronto. As one of the largest Buddhist communities in Canada, Centre of Gravity is recognized for its creative integration of yoga practice, Buddhist meditation, and social action. Michael is the subject of the award-winning documentary "Reactor" that chronicles his pilgrimage to post-Fukushima Japan. Michael teaches courses and workshops to clinicians (including doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, palliative care workers, and psychoterapists) that integrate Buddhist teachings and meditation practices with contemporary approaches to clinical work. Michael's academic background includes studies in psychology, psychoanalysis, philosophy, and comparative religion. Michael's primary yoga teacher is Richard Freeman and his teaching style is strongly influenced by his relationship with Buddhist teacher, Stephen Batchelor. In yoga practice, Michaels approach is to slow down traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Krama sequences in order to bring deeper awareness to the subtle aspects of postures, while balancing attention to alignment with meditative awareness. His meditation teachings integrate traditional Vipassana and Zen forms with insights from Yoga and Mahayana Buddhism, while honoring the integrity of each tradition. Michael maintains a dedicated international travel schedule. He and his family live on the coast of western British Columbia.

Learn more about Michael

Michael has published several books on yoga, mindful living and social action - find out more on:


Most of them are available for purchase at the Shala - for example last published Family Wakes Us Up - Letters between expectant fathers by Michael Stone and Matthew Remski

On Michaels website you'll find podcasts, online-courses, videos etc: http://michaelstoneteaching.com/


En kurs i meditation om 4 tillfällen med Pake Hall. 

Mer information inom kort. 

Datum: 20 september - 11 oktober

Tid: 14-15.30

Pris: 1 000 kr 

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